VirtualBox - Chapter 3

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Chapter 1: Prepare a virtual machine for FreeDOS in VirtualBox

Chapter 2: Special settings for FreeDOS

Chapter 3: Connect the FreeDOS install CD

Chapter 4: Install FreeDOS

Chapter 5: Install the network

Chapter 6: Mount the FreeDOS image to transfer files

Chapter 7: FTP between host and guest

Bugs: High CPU usage of FreeDOS machine

Bugs: FreeDOS crashes at boot

Bugs: ICH9 chipset breaks networking

Bugs: Old bugs

Connect the FreeDOS install CD

Now start the new virtual machine for the first time:

  • Select the FreeDOS machine and click "Start".


  • The next window asks for the installation CD. Click on the small folder icon on the right.


  • Choose the FreeDOS ISO file you have downloaded from here.


  • The FreeDOS install CD is now chosen as bootable media.


  • And then the FreeDOS install CD boots your new virtual machine.


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