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Subversion (often abbreviated "SVN") is a version control system that replaced CVS for managing the FreeDOS source tree. Source code for the FreeDOS kernel, FreeCOM, Install, and Mem are stored in the Subversion repository at SourceForge.

To obtain the sources from Subversion, you can use the command line client. The client is available for most operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, ..) and is included with most Linux distributions. Alternatively, you can use a GUI client, such as TortoiseSVN on Windows.


Command line

To check out the kernel files, and save them in the directory kernel, run the following Subversion command:

svn checkout kernel

Replace kernel by freecom, install, or mem, to get those sources instead.

To obtain the UNSTABLE kernel branch, use the following command:

svn checkout keunstab

To see what other branches are available in the FreeDOS Subversion, you can browse the repository on the web.

Other actions are also possible. For example, if you just want a snapshot of the current sources without the ability to update, then replace checkout by export.


Right-click on a folder and select the SVN Checkout option. Type the source URL in the corresponding field, and click Ok.

Other useful commands

Other commands you may consider using:

  • svn status shows all files you have changed.
  • svn log works on directories too.
  • svn revert file reverts your local changes
  • To obtain diffs for a file, say fatfs.c:
    • if a local file (no connection to server needed): svn diff fatfs.c
    • between revision 1000 and 1100: svn diff -r1000:1100 fatfs.c
    • between 1 May 2007 and 16 May 2007: svn diff -r {2007-5-1}:{2007-5-16} fatfs.c

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