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Allows programs to open data files in the specified directories as though they were local to the working directory.

[Dropped, because the program was considered to be a “crutch” for legacy DOS-based applications as DOS moved to support directories. Append was used primarily to support programs that did not know about directories on a DOS system.]

append [d:]path [;] [options]


When used by itself, the semicolon cancels the previously specified appended directories.

/x:on Allows the shell (if supported) to search these directories as though they were in the PATH. Default is /x:off. /x is the same as /x:on.

/path:on Specifies if DOS is to search appended directories for a program’s data file, even if the program specifies a full path. Default is /path:on.

/e Add the list of appended directories to the PATH.

If no paths are named, display the current appended directories.